The Truth About Abs Ebook Review – Yeah Or Nay

The Truth about Abs e-book review is about a program that targets those of us who would love to have those chiseled, rock hard abs that we see on so many magazine pages and billboards that picture beauties and brawn dressed in their skivvies showing off their midsection. They look like they probably spend their […]

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Best Treadmills Available

A treadmill is a splendid device to maintain your fitness levels without going to a gym. You can find various kinds of this device and almost every manufacturer has something different to offer. Widely speaking the three main kinds of fitness treadmill are fold-able treadmills, motorized treadmill and manual treadmill. You need to judge various […]

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3 Scientifically Backed Tips to Help You Increase Strength

Building strength goes way beyond lifting heavy weights from point A to B. While that can certainly help improve strength, it’s certainly not going to optimize it. If you really want to bust plateaus or take your strength to the next level, this article is a must read. While personal experience and heavy weight is the […]

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Pull-Ups and Why They Are Important to Your Workout

Man doing push-ups

Push-ups and pull-ups have long been considered the two best exercises you can do to train your upper body. The reason for that is these two exercises target every major muscle group of your upper body. You’d be surprised as to how good of shape you can get into when you only perform these two […]

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Effective Bench Press Techniques

bench press

Quite a number of gym aficionados who are struggling to increase their number of bench presses don’t know that they could do so if they just simply observe proper, but effective bench press techniques. We shall discuss each of these techniques thoroughly. Proper Body Positioning The most basic technique for increasing your bench press is […]

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